Month: January 2023

New Year Touring 2023 was CRAZY!!

Last year’s NYT event was the first of its kind in the area, creating plenty of anticipation for this year. We saw even more out-of-town visitors this time around, who made sure to make a fashionable entrance. Most notable was a custom, Group C-inspired, Geo Metro, created by a group

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Vintage Pioneer stereos — Lonesome Car-boy 101

The Lonesome Car-boy ( ロンサムカーボーイ ) line of component car audio was released in 1977 in Japan and would also make its release worldwide as Pioneer Component. This was the first component system released with other companies soon following. Sony had the “My Deen” component system, Kenwood had the “Trio”

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Silhouette Mazda Cosmo

Hey how’s it going everyone, we’re Jon and Astrid from Moonlight Runners and we’re going to be kick starting our YouTube channel with our silhouette Cosmo build. We plan to do tips and tricks and bring everyone along our daily work lives. We’re excited to share our knowledge about fiberglass,

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