In the 1980s European tuning shops started to get popular. In Germany alone, there was RUF, Brabus, Gemball, but what was probably the craziest tuner was Koenig Specials.

Willy König purchased a Ferrari 365 BB in 1974 and wasn’t happy with the performance of it. He had the 365 sent off to an engine builder and a coachwork company to modify the car to his liking. People started to approach him about his modifications and that’s when he founded Koenig Specials in 1977. He went on to build a lot of now legendary-looking German and Italian sports cars.

Debut in 1985

Kaido racers with Koenig Special modifications started appearing in the late 80s and by 1992 Koenig spec had become commonplace. Narita Racing (成田レーシン) was a team with many Koenig-style cars at the time. Some of these modifications would include front and rear end swaps from Mercedes-Benz, a more simple Benz grill, Koenig style rear spoiler, custom vent work similar to those found on Koenig Special cars, along with references to Koenig Specials.

Toyota Soarer 2.8GT Z10, Owner Yoshiharu. Headlight, tail light and garnish from Mercedes Benz 380SEC, removed the lines from the hood and attached FRP molded from an SEC. Koenig Special SEC badge, front and rear H150 suspension, SSR Mesh 9J/10J-14 Pirelli P7F 205/225-55-14

Jr Young Auto 1994-4 lists this car as the dawn of the new modified car and the origin of the Koenig trend. This appears to be an updated version of the red one above.

1981 Toyota Crown. Aichi Prefecture. Owner Hideo & Mayumi. Auto Styling F Sport, Japan Racing R Sport, self-made Testarossa style fender, Koenig wing, Starlet Works front fender, Mercedes Benz 190E tail lights, Mercedes Benz “mask” grill. Super Star Racing Mark I 11J/14J, BF Goodrich 245/295 tires.

Nissan Gloria SGL Turbo. Saitama Prefecture. Yamato Bonnet scoop for Soarer, Testarossa style double duct, Savanna semi-works, Seven panel with 40cm extension, Hiro fender spoiler, Hiro front mask, Super Star Racing Mark I 9J / 12J RE71 215/225, No-sus, KYB struts.

Toyota Soarer Z10. Mercedes Benz 300E tail lights, RX-7 panel cut down and modified, Custom hood scoop, Soarer Z20 headlight and grill swap, Custom wide body inspired by Koenig and Chameleon, Tanabe cut springs, Bilstein struts, Super Star Racing Mark II 9.5J/13J, Dunlop 200/230-55-r14.

Nissan Fairlady Z Z31. Owned by Narita Racing (Chiba) team member Toshio. Custom fiberglass front end modified to tilt cowl with integrated hood and fender, headlights from a Fairlady Z32, Ferrari Testerossa genuine lower lights, Ferrari Testerossa tail lights and custom slit mask, Koenig wing, Panasport G7 15 inch 10.5J/14J, P7 tires 225-45-15 and 345-35-15.

Toyota Soarer Z10. Owned by a Narita Racing team member in Chiba. Toyota Crown GS130 headlight and grill, Crown Pittura front and rear bumper for the Crown, Langley tail lights recessed 6mm, Y30 turn signals. Koenig wing, IMSA Seven panel, Gymkhana suspension, SSR Mesh 9J/11J, P7 front tires 225-50-15 and P7R 285-40-15 for the rear.

Nissan Leopard F30. Owned by Yoshiharu of Narita Racing (Chiba). Koenig style vents, Super Star Racing Mark I wheels, Koenig wing, IMSA Seven panel, fender spoilers, Chinchilla interior.

Nissan Gloria Y31. Owned by Ken, Hyogo Prefecture, 21 years old. Racing silhouette full kit with putty filling, hood scoop, IMSA Seven panel 30cm extension, Mercedes Benz style grill, Lonza tail light covers, ZG overfender, nosus, SSR Mesh, Dunlop Direzza stretched tires, PVC roll bar.

Nissan Leopard F30. Koenig style vents, fender spoiler, Vitaloni California mirrors, Mercedes Benz emblem.

Toyota Crown. Starlet fender putty filled, Koenig style rear flare, Koenig wing, IMSA RX-7 wing.

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