One of the first crucial parts in building a kaido racer is the wheels you choose. They can either make or break a build, visually speaking. This page will only cover a few of the popular wheel choices, as there is many period correct wheels. If you would like to learn more, please visit

Devil Japan – IF Racing

credit: @brianbkrr

Hiro V1-R

Read more about the Hiro V1-R. credit: @brianbkrr

Hayashi Racing – Techno Phantom

credit: @brianbkrr

Speed Star Racing (SSR) / Suzuka- Longchamp XR4

Read more about the Longchamp XR4. credit: @brianbkrr

Hayashi Racing – Techno Project T.R.V.

Read more about Techno Project T.R.V.. credit: @brianbkrr

Devil Japan – Shadow Spoke

credit: @brianbkrr

Speed Star Racing (SSR) – MK-1

Read more about MK-1. credit: @brianbkrr

Takechi Project – Racing Hart

Read more about Racing Hart. credit: brianbkrr