While it might seem like building a kaido racer is done with any car available, there is actually specific cars that were popular at the time to modify. Sometimes other bases can be used, but the attention to detail with parts is a must, along with fully grasping what makes a kaido racer, a kaido racer. Here is a list of some of the most popular bases used for building a proper kaido racer. There are more than this as well, if you feel like we left one out, send us an email.


S30 Fairlady Z
S130 Fairlady Z
Z31 Fairlady Z
230 Gloria & Cedric
330 Gloria & Cedric
430 Gloria & Cedric
F30 Leopard
F31 Leopard
C30 Laurel
C130 Laurel
C230 Laurel
C10 Skyline
C110 Skyline
C210 Skyline
R30 Skyline
S110 Silvia
S110 Gazelle
810 Bluebird
910 Bluebird
710 Violet
E10 Cherry


Z10 Soarer
S6-12 Crown
A2/30 Celica
A40/50 Celica
A60 Celica XX
X30/40 Mark II / Chaser
X50 / 60 Mark II / Cresta / Chaser
X70 Mark II / Cresta / Chaser
A10 Carina
TE37/51/55 Corolla Levin
E7 Corolla
KP4/5 Starlet
P6 Starlet


Cosmo AP
Savannah RX-3
SA22C RX-7
SNA Capella
SSA Familia
FA4 Familia
BD Familia


A182/183/187 Stallion
A12 / A13 Galant