Month: December 2022

Is UpGarage worth visiting in Japan?

Now that Japan is open for tourist visas, many car enthusiasts are excited to either return to Japan or visit for the first time. Over the years there has been a lot of hype around visiting UpGarage and other parts stores. Looking back at my past trips, I would like

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The first kaido racer in the USA?

Recently discovered in Pennsylvania by the Instagram user @all_vehicle is not one, but two rotting Nissan Skyline C211. The first Skyline features Speed Star Racing MKII wheels, a Hakosuka Skyline wing, and an Okinawa Y plate. The second Skyline features a hood scoop, vented fenders, fiberglass body kit, a kamome

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Racing Service Aoyagi

RS Aoyagi is a racing shop located in Fukuoka. Visiting the shop was quite easy as they are within a 10 minute walk from a bus stop. The part of Fukuoka the shop is located in is quite industrial and old. The infrastructure in the area, including the bus station

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