Music for Kaido Racers — Part 1

Around 6 years ago I was trying to do some research on what would be “period correct” music for a kaido racer. I tried googling things, but I wasn’t even sure where to start. I fell into the “city pop” YouTube pipeline that many of us have gotten into, but

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All About Mirrors

I like to think of a finished build as a sum of its smaller parts. Each small detail combines to form the cohesive larger image. One of these smaller details on a kaido racer build is the mirrors. Some of these mirrors are no longer produced, making a pair of

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A Honda Prelude dressed up in period correct kaido racer parts

Uncommon Bases – Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude isn’t a platform you would think could be a kaido racer, but in the 80s the Prelude was a base a few builders used. The second generation Honda Prelude was released in 1982. It came with an all new wedge shape design that was much more aerodynamic

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