Koenig Specials Inspired Kaido Racers

In the 1980s European tuning shops started to get popular. In Germany alone, there was RUF, Brabus, Gemball, but what was probably the craziest tuner was Koenig Specials. Willy König purchased a Ferrari 365 BB in 1974 and wasn’t happy with the performance of it. He had the 365 sent off

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What is the Deal with Miki House?

Many people online have been asking: What is Miki House? In Japan, motorcycles and cars with the “Miki House” stickers are often associated with bosozoku bikes and kaido racers. However, Miki House is just a children’s clothing brand. What is the significance behind this? Let’s briefly introduce Miki House first.

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Music for Kaido Racers — Part 1

Around 6 years ago I was trying to do some research on what would be “period correct” music for a kaido racer. I tried googling things, but I wasn’t even sure where to start. I fell into the “city pop” YouTube pipeline that many of us have gotten into, but

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All About Mirrors

I like to think of a finished build as a sum of its smaller parts. Each small detail combines to form the cohesive larger image. One of these smaller details on a kaido racer build is the mirrors. Some of these mirrors are no longer produced, making a pair of

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A Honda Prelude dressed up in period correct kaido racer parts

Uncommon Bases – Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude isn’t a platform you would think could be a kaido racer, but in the 80s the Prelude was a base a few builders used. The second generation Honda Prelude was released in 1982. It came with an all new wedge shape design that was much more aerodynamic

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