Kyusha or 旧車 is the easiest style to grasp when it comes to old Japanese cars. This is because kyusha is just Japanese for “old car.” Similar to American style muscle cars, these cars are classics that have survived major modifications for decades. These can either be all original survivors or have gone through heavy restoration. Many of these cars receive a “day two” modification, or simple bolt ons like wheels, seats, exhausts. Something to customize the car to the owners style, without drastically changing the look of it.

Yonmeri Skyline lowered on Hayashi Racing Techno Project T.R.V. wheels and a chin spoiler

Another popular and accepted trend of these cars is to “upgrade” the trim level. Stock Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X (hakosuka / ハコスカ) owners have often added parts to make it look like a GT-R, like cutting the “surf line” arch found above the rear quarter panels in place of some bolt on fender flares. Fairlady Z S30 owners often “upgrade” to the Fairlay ZG trim by the addition of the “g nose” and the bolt on fender flares.

Skyline 2000GT-X with GT-R fender flares and chin-spoiler
Toyota Mark II GX71 lowered on Speed Star Racing MK1
Toyota Chaser X30 lowered on SSR Longchamp XR-4 with modified fender flares.