Group of kaido racer cars driving on the highway as a group

Checkpoint Japan – Summer Touring

When I wrote about New Year Touring back at the beginning of this year I started my article by saying: “To see a Kaido Racer meeting in our own backyard has left me jittering with excitement for the last few

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A group of people on scooters riding on a race track

North American Nonsuri 2021

Some of my event coverage from NA Nonsuri 2021. Moonlight Runners along with the help of other local teams put on the first Nonsuri in North America. Nonsuri (ノンスリ) is short for non-slip differential and matsuri (festival). It’s an event

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A Honda Prelude dressed up in period correct kaido racer parts

Uncommon Bases – Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude isn’t a platform you would think could be a kaido racer, but in the 80s the Prelude was a base a few builders used. The second generation Honda Prelude was released in 1982. It came with an

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Film photo of kaido racers at a rest stop

New Years Touring – Tokyo 2019

It was the end of 2018, with celebrations for the 2019 New Year approaching. Hamamatsu Racing put on a touring event set outside the Tokyo area in Kanagawa prefecture. We first met up with a group at a parking area

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A video still of cars entering a race track in the 1970s

Grachan Meeting at the Fuji Speedway Gate

Meeting at Fuji International Speedway was an early tradition for kaido racers. This video was taken on October 24, 1982. Videos like this serve as a great reference for early kaido racer styling.

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Photo of a car fender cut and modified.

Good Call – Road to Nonsuri 2022

Billy breaks down his Cressida build for the next NA Nonsuri.

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