Many people online have been asking: What is Miki House?

In Japan, motorcycles and cars with the “Miki House” stickers are often associated with bosozoku bikes and kaido racers. However, Miki House is just a children’s clothing brand. What is the significance behind this?

Let’s briefly introduce Miki House first. Miki House is a high-end Japanese children’s clothing brand that was established in 1971. In the 1990s they created a sweatshirt that was very popular with yankii culture. Yankii is a term used to describe delinquents who acted “American.”

At this point, I guess many of you are still unsure about the connection between this brand and yankii fashion.

After gathering information, it was found that the only connection between Miki House and yankii fashion is that it was a popular item for them to wear. It is similar to when Y-3 belts and Super-X cylindrical shoulder bags suddenly became popular in Hong Kong over a decade ago; they had no significant correlation either.

One explanation found online is that, during that time, many yankii individuals were already married and had kids. Miki House released matching parent-child clothing, which became popular for family dressing. One other reason is that the sweatshirts became popular for yankii, so it was fun to display the brand on your car or bike. Sometimes there isn’t any deeper meaning aside from it looking cool.

Now, would you want to dress up as a yankii and wear Miki House clothing?

– The Wanderer
Original post and translation by The Wanderer. Photo sourcing and editing by Brian Baker.

Sources: Free-Blue, Yanky Mate Magazine, Livedoor, ChampRoad

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