Now becoming a tradition in the North American kaido racer scene, you can expect to see a New Years touring event in British Columbia, Canada during the month of January. Graciously hosted by Rudeboy Custom and keeping a similar spirit to that of Japan’s hatsuhinode bōsō, many kaido racers are refreshed and brought out to celebrate the New Year with a night of driving.

Hatsuhinode bōsō has been documented in Japan for many years through magazines such as Young Auto, Autoworks, etc. presented as a “yearbook” (featuring photos of a majority of cars present at the event, often all from a similar angle, and almost always in the low light of a PA). I personally find a lot of value in this style of documentation as it helps give scale to how large these events were, what modifications were popular at that specific time, and how a car may have changed between events/years if it’s recognizable enough.

All that to say, as I was unable to bring a personal car to this event I had the goal of documenting as many cars from this years PNWNYT in the style of a yearbook, which I plan to continue for future events in the spirit of documenting our scene’s progress.

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