The Pacific Northwest (PNW) Summer Touring 2023, hosted by Rudeboy Custom in Vancouver, BC, proved to be a breathtaking event dedicated to showcasing the allure of kaido racers on North American soil. Drawing enthusiasts from across the continent and even overseas, this year’s tour marked the second summer gathering and the fourth event overall. With a remarkable increase in the quantity and quality of cars on display, the event celebrated the passion and artistry of building and enjoying a kaido racer. Notably, attendees were thrilled to witness Jon from Moonlight Runners bring their butame all the way up from SoCal, marking the first time it had ever left the state of California.

If you plan to attend our Pop-Up Shop this August you will have the opportunity to see a few of the vehicles featured in this video on display, and if not, you better start booking plane tickets for New Year Touring 2024 this coming January.

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