Author: Brian Baker

Tuning shop SIGMA – 死喰魔

In the 1970s and 1980s, prior to there being UpGarage, Autobacs and Yellow Hat shops all over Japan, individual tuning shops thrived. There used to be a lot more shops where you could buy used cars along with wheels, tires, steering wheels, body kits and other accessories. Sigma was one

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Vintage Pioneer stereos — Lonesome Car-boy 101

The Lonesome Car-boy ( ロンサムカーボーイ ) line of component car audio was released in 1977 in Japan and would also make its release worldwide as Pioneer Component. This was the first component system released with other companies soon following. Sony had the “My Deen” component system, Kenwood had the “Trio”

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Is UpGarage worth visiting in Japan?

Now that Japan is open for tourist visas, many car enthusiasts are excited to either return to Japan or visit for the first time. Over the years there has been a lot of hype around visiting UpGarage and other parts stores. Looking back at my past trips, I would like

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The first kaido racer in the USA?

Recently discovered in Pennsylvania by the Instagram user @all_vehicle is not one, but two rotting Nissan Skyline C211. The first Skyline features Speed Star Racing MKII wheels, a Hakosuka Skyline wing, and an Okinawa Y plate. The second Skyline features a hood scoop, vented fenders, fiberglass body kit, a kamome

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A Honda Prelude dressed up in period correct kaido racer parts

Uncommon Bases – Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude isn’t a platform you would think could be a kaido racer, but in the 80s the Prelude was a base a few builders used. The second generation Honda Prelude was released in 1982. It came with an all new wedge shape design that was much more aerodynamic

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