Parman is a team that was originally from Ebitsu, between Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. Their main motto was to have a team full of casualness and simplicity, along with loving the color red. These photos are from their Junior Young Auto interview in the March 1991 issue.

Yoshihiro’s RX-7

The side windows were filled with putty. He is the only one in the team to run the SSR Mark I, with 10J front, 12J rear. The rear IMSA style wing was filled in with putty for a smooth transition. The fender flares are from a 240ZG and the mirrors are Vitaloni California . The engine has been side port tuned to increase the power. In the interior, it has an Autolook bucket seat and a Nardi Classic 330mm.

Tsutomu’s Japan

Fitted with a chin spoiler, Vitaloni Sebring mirrors, and a hakosuka spoiler. The rear fender, along with the door, was knocked out to fit the aggressive 10J SSR Mesh, along with 8J in the front. The engine was changed to an L28 turbo engine with a blow off valve, VVC boost controller and upgraded injectors. The interior contains a TRD bucket seat, an un-named 360mm steering wheel along with a boost gauge.

Shin’s RX-7

This RX-7 is the team leader Shin’s personal creation. VVC boost controller, Trust Injector Controller Rebic II, blow off valve. Some of the interior items include a Nardi 330mm steering wheel, boost gauge, “Viola” bucket seat, and Schroth seat belts. The RX-7 is sitting on 15 inch SSR Mesh, and of course no-sus. The exhaust is self made along with the license plate cover. The total he spent for tuning is 300,000 yen.

Akihiro’s R30

This Nissan Skyline RS Turbo is painted in a “strong red pearl.” The engine is powered up with a VVC boost controller, blow-off valve and a self made muffler. Like many others in the team, this car is sitting on no suspension. The wheels are Hayashi Racing Yayoi. To make clearance for them, both the front and rear fenders have been “kicked out.” The interior features a 330mm leather steering wheel and a boost gauge.

Tooru’s Supra

This Supra built by Tooru (19) is lightly modified compared to the rest of the team, but still has the “knocked out” fenders. The color is a mix of Silk Red, Red Pearl and Blue Pearl. The rear garnish and muffler are homemade. The suspension consists of TRD struts with removed springs. In the interior features a Corbeau bucket seat, Sabelt seat belts, and a Nardi 330mm steering wheel. The wheels are SSR Mesh with 8.5J in the front and 10.5J in the back.

Hiroshi’s Celica XX

“Call me Ebitsu tune.” His Celica XX has a unique style of the time. The chin spoiler and side step are molded into the body with putty . The mirrors are Vitaloni California. Muffler is an HKS 60⌀. This XX sits on SSR Mark II 8J front and 10.5J rear. Interior has a ‘Ferrari’ 280mm steering wheel.

Seiji’s R30

Seiji’s (19) R30 is painted the same color as the XX above it. The license plate garnish is self made. The car is also fitted with Vitaloni mirrors and a hakosuka wing. The rear end is no sus and is sitting on SSR Mesh. On the inside has a Ferrari 300mm steering wheel along with a bucket seat and a Sabelt seatbelts. The exhaust is a 60⌀ straight pipe.

Ato’s Soarer

Ato’s (19) 1983 Toyota Soarer The interior has a Ferrari 300mm steering wheel. The wheels are SSR Mark III with 8J front and 10.5J with a 185 tires stretched on the front and rear. The front fender is knocked out to help fit the wider wheels. Similar to the other team cars, has a self-made exhaust and no suspension.

Kentaro’s Fairlady Z

This Fairlady Z is the only one with with another color a secondary color, painted in the Falken tires livery. Other parts include Vitaloni Sebring mirrors, airone gate, fender vents, three piece wing molded into the rear end. As you could have guessed, no sus on this car too. The wheels are SSR Mark II with Yokohama Grand Briz M3 tires. A Nardi 330mm steering wheels a Corbeau bucket seats are the highlight of the interior.

Their logo and name is based off a manga and the text above it reads “赤が大好き!!” (I love red!!). Sometimes having a team name of a cartoon and you all loving red is enough. It doesn’t have to be deeper than that.

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